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3D print an opportunity to diversify

A traditional reprographics firm in Italy has breathed new life into its business by enhancing its existing 2D printing and binding offering with low-cost, full-colour, desktop, paper-based 3D printing from Mcor technologies.

Bulletin - Print IT Reseller
Bulletin – Print IT Reseller

The adoption of Mcor’s SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) 3D printing technology has enabled Digicopy to offer new products and services to a broader customer base, helping it to develop new sources of revenue and expand its operations.

Eugenio Costa, Digicopy Marketing and Development, said: “We believe 3D printing will enable us to offer entirely new products and services to an expanded customer base. We selected Mcor 3D printers because of their professional quality, superior full-colour capabilities and eco- and officefriendliness compared to other 3D printers.” Now, the Mcor Technologies Certified Reseller doesn’t just sell Mcor 3D printers, it also offers full-service 3D printing and scanning services, enabling customers to 3D print objects right in the store.

“We mainly 3D print models developed by university students for their thesis work – 1,000 students 3D printed a variety of models last month alone – as well as prototypes for designers and stylists, including some famous fashion firms,”  said Costa.

Under the group name Ethesis srl, Digicopy now has shops near each of Milan’s three universities (Cattolica, Bicocca, Statale) plus a production centre close to Bicocca University.

Mcor Technologies Ltd manufactures the only 3D printers to use ordinary office paper as the build material.

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