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3D Printing Firms Step Up to Support UK’s Covid-19 Response ……

……More than 50,000 PPE parts for healthcare professionals across the nation have been printed using HP’s industrial-grade 3D printing technology

The UK’s network of 3D printing service bureaus, resellers and manufacturers have ramped up production in recent weeks to help supply healthcare professionals with much needed personal protective equipment (PPE).

Using HP’s industrial-grade 3D printing technology, manufacturers from many areas of the UK have made well over 50,000 face shields, mask adjusters and hands-free door openers for use by local healthcare institutions..

Mask Adjuster

HP’s Jet Fusion printers are installed across the UK, used by firms ranging from small businesses, such as regional printing specialists, universities and large-scale manufacturers, including some of the world’s leading automobile companies. Examples of their work during the coronavirus epidemic include:

  • Printing Portal – a 3D printing bureau in Dartford has been making and delivering face shields for local NHS organisations, including GP surgeries
  • Design Reality – 3D printing firm in north Wales has produced arm-operated door handles, now in use at local hospitals
  • FDM Solutions – Bureau based outside Burnley making face mask adjustors for local hospital staff
  • Matsuura Machinery Ltd – Using HP’s MultiJet Fusion technology, reseller Matsuura, in collaboration with Nottingham University, has created CE-certified and NHS England-approved face shields, helping provide much needed PPE for healthcare workers throughout the UK
  • Cardiff University – The Uni’s PARC institute has used HP technology to manufacture 3D printed visors for NHS staff across Wales
  • Pro2Pro – Telford-based manufacturing service provider has produced hundreds of face shields for distribution into the NHS


HP’s UK & Ireland MD, George Brasher, commented: “HP and our digital manufacturing partners are working non-stop to provide as much support as possible to those leading the UK’s response to this unprecedented virus. We are collaborating across industries to identify required parts, hone designs, and create them though the power of 3D printing technology. Our sincere thanks go to our employees, partners and customers for their tireless efforts in supporting the medical professionals on the front line in their hour of need.”

Hands Free Door Opener

James Hawkins, Founder, Printing Portal, added: “We have done everything we can to provide the PPE products and parts needed by our local healthcare institutions, as quickly as possible. 3D printing technology has really come in to its own in this regard, allowing us to refine early designs and move from prototyping to final-product production at pace.”


The UK response is part of a global effort to aid health workers using the manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing. In a matter of weeks, HP and its global community of partners and customers has used HP Jet Fusion systems to produce more than 1.5 million parts to help combat Covid-19.

Face Mask

To ensure support is available across the world, HP is collecting and publishing approved product/part design files on its website, for other printing companies and manufacturers to download and use in their own efforts. An HP portal linking organisations wishing to place orders to firms with 3D printing capacity can also be found here.


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