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Tom Mills, Director, The Field Solutions Group

What’s currently having the greatest impact on your business?

I would say there is a lot of uncertainty in the market with acquisitions and market consolidation. Due to this and other factors, there has been a huge decline in candidate availability from both an engineering and sales perspective. Therefore, we have had to focus more than ever on headhunting talent for our clients. As we have over 30 years’ combined experience working and recruiting in MPS, we are more reliant on our network than ever as opposed to utilising active sources (job boards, job adverts etc).

Where do you see the next big opportunity?

Although it’s been happening for years, we are now more than ever seeing organisations widen their offering in the office technology space. Traditional MPS companies are turning their hand to the AV, telecoms and supplies sectors. Likewise, we have received a lot of requirements from companies entering the MPS industry. Over the past 12 months we have partnered with a mixture of office supplies, IT and telecoms businesses looking to grow their MPS divisions!

What would make your day job easier?

An administrator! I understand the importance of logging conversations and data into our CRM, I just don’t like doing it!

What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve been given?

Whilst at university my lecturer told me to always seek the uncomfortable. If you are going through the motions and everything seems like second nature, then push yourself outside this comfort zone. Cliché I know, but something that has stayed with me ever since, hence ‘The Field Solutions Group’.

I have had some brilliant mentors since leaving university who have developed me as a recruiter and a manager of people. One common trend and probably the best advice I have received is that ‘adaptability is key’. I have found that understanding employee motivations and behaviours and tailoring your management style for each specific individual is key to their development and success. Likewise, each client and candidate deserves the best possible service tailored to their expectations.

If you had had a crystal ball, would you have done anything differently?

Not at all, I believe in fate, everything happens for a reason! I have of course made poor decisions in my career to date, but just as long as you learn from these mistakes it’s all positive.

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

When I was at school I was convinced I was going to be the next Noel Gallagher. I badgered my mom for a Gibson Les Paul which is a pretty expensive Guitar. My amazing mother bought me one for my birthday shortly after! I was buzzing! First gig following this I was quite excitable on stage, basically showing off with my new bit of kit. Towards the end of this gig I fell off the stage and snapped the guitar in half!! Embarrassing and heart-breaking!

What was your first job?

Believe it or not I was an ice cream man! I ate most of the profits. 99 with a flake for £1.30! Get your head around that!

What would be your dream job?

As I alluded to before I would be a rockstar. Or an F1 driver travelling the world racing cars. That would be Immense!

Fine dining and good wine, or curry and a pint?

I love a nice steak and a glass of red but being a Black Country lad, it has to be curry and a pint! “Yow cor beat a curry n a pint mar mate”.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I have two young boys Seth and Freddy who as you can imagine take up most my time. Nerf gun battles and nappy changes! Aside from this I have been a season ticket holder at Wolverhampton Wanderers since I was a boy. Up the Wolves!

Favourite holiday destination?

Rome. Great food and full of history!

Money’s not an issue, what’s your perfect car … and where would you like to drive it?

Bentley Continental GT. I would take it from LA to Vegas with my wife and boys. I am sure we would look really cool apart from having ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack blasting out the speakers!

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