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61% of large organizations have suffered one or more print-related data losses

Quocirca’s 2017 Print Security Report*, highlights that more than 61% of large organisations had suffered a print-related data loss. In many cases such breaches occurred due to a lack of suitable controls for securing the output device, the printed document, as well as a lack of auditing and detection tools.

Large organisations, especially in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Government verticals are more susceptible to breaches, leading to a loss of sensitive and confidential data, including personal end user data, trade secrets or highly classified information.

To mitigate such risks and avoid print-related data loss, the following considerations should be addressed with a sustainable solution:

Enterprise-grade security for mobile and guest printing
– Mobile printing to cover roaming staff and guest users
– Secure printing, auditing and monitoring for all mobile device

Secure Content Monitoring for increased data security
– Monitor, track and archive printing of intellectual property and
customer data
– Proactively prevent data loss and alert management of potential

Auditing tools for highest risk data areas
– Identify high risk departments requiring increased security
– Monitor and report on key users and departments

Federate document security measures across all office
– Include Enterprise output device security at the branch offices
– Management of output devices at branch office locations for remote workers

Security and management of multi vendor printer fleets
– Scalable solution to secure all printer makes and models
– Apply consistent security measures across entire printing environment

Proactively approaching these security, auditing and compliance issues with FollowMe ensures large organisations can reduce the risks from intentional and unintentional data breaches.

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