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A case of when and not if

Four in 10 UK CEOs believe becoming a victim of a cyber-attack is now a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ for their organisation, according to a KPMG survey of CEOs from some of Britain’s biggest businesses. The study also found that UK business leaders believe that a strong cyber security strategy is critical to engender trust with key stakeholders, with 74% agreeing that cyber security is an enabler of trust.

Cyber security specialists are also seen as an effective part of the business with 45% of UK CEOs seeing their value, coming second to data scientists who are seen as being effective by 62% of the CEO cohort.

Bernard Brown, Vice Chair at KPMG UK said: “The seeming inevitability of a cyber-attack crosses all borders and has now crossed firmly over the threshold for board-level discussions. Protecting the business from a cyber-attack has jumped further up the boardroom agenda and we are seeing businesses making their defences the best that they can be.”

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