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A response from Chris Ross SVP Int. Barracuda to the news that nearly all Microsoft 365 customers have suffered email data breaches.

The data security company’s new Outbound Email: Microsoft 365’s Security Blind Spot paper, based on a poll of 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote-workers in the UK and US, claims businesses who use Microsoft 365 suffer more email data breaches and have to deal with more difficult consequences in the aftermath.

Cyber security expert Chris Ross, SVP International, Barracuda Networks comments:

“Security and data breaches are a top security concern for businesses, especially in the current climate where remote work has prompted a rise in Microsoft Office 365 accounts. Our recent data even revealed that the shift to remote work has intensified the challenges associated with protecting Office 365 data, and 45% of UK organisations have already experienced a ransomware attack since the start of remote working.

“Unfortunately, many business leaders are unaware of how to properly secure their cloud and application data, with many wrongly assuming that Microsoft provides full-suite in-house security and backup solutions for all of its Office 365 solutions. This is certainly not the case, and Microsoft themselves even recommend sourcing a third-party data backup and security solutions to ensure that all data is fully protected from outsider and insider threats.

“Furthermore, organisations can help neutralise the threat of email based cyber attacks, such as phishing and malware, by investing in comprehensive security training for its staff, so that they can effectively recognise, block and flag any malicious content. Additionally, investing in a third-party email inbox defence that utilises artificial intelligence to intercept suspicious activity must be a priority for high target businesses that handle large quantities of data every day.”