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A unified approach

Software AG has announced new research revealing that 97% of IT leaders believe it would be beneficial to combine the utilisation of APIs, microservices and integration, while only 1% say that they do so already. The survey of 950 global IT leaders examined the state of APIs, microservices and integration, uncovering trends in adoption, challenges and opportunities for further improvement in helping organisations become truly connected enterprises. 

For modern organisations, having a highly connected IT environment is essential. The need for fast and efficient integration – between different systems, applications, departments and individuals – in enterprise organisations has never been greater, according to 92% of survey respondents. This need will only continue to grow, especially considering IDC’s prediction that over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches by 2023. 

As integration demands continue to grow and organisations seek more sophisticated solutions, looking at APIs, microservices and integration solutions as separate parts is no longer enough. The future for organisations is a bundled solution that incorporates all of these together. Most IT leaders (97%) believe this approach offers benefits, which could include: boosted productivity and time savings (51%); higher customer satisfaction (49%); the ability to gain better customer insights (49%); faster time to market (45%); long-term cost savings (44%). A vast majority (93%) of respondents also believe that organisations that can integrate API management with their use of microservices will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.