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A VOW Wholesale Opportunity

Have you got what we need?

Do you have the next best seller within your product portfolio? 

VOW Wholesale is on the lookout for new products to support the new working norm post pandemic.

While no-one can predict exactly what the next few years will bring, it is increasingly clear that some pandemic-prompted changes to our ways of working are shaping up to become the ‘new normal’.

From hybrid and remote working to the need to make workplaces safe, practices that employers adopted quickly, out of necessity from early 2020 onwards, are likely to stay with us.

With high numbers of people set to go into their workplaces for just a few days each week post-lockdown, it is probable they will do this for collaboration and work-related socialising, rather than concentrated ‘heads-down’ work.

Many organisations will seek to create welcoming and comfortable environments that encourage teamwork and present an attractive alternative to working from home.

For those who choose to become permanent home workers, these arrangements will be more successful when people can work as safely and easily as in the workplace.

With this in mind, and a multi-channel network to market, VOW Wholesale is throwing its doors open to manufacturers from all market sectors. Shelves have been cleared in the warehouse in readiness for 100 new product lines to launch early in the summer. 

VOW Wholesale is interested in new areas of the stationery and technology markets but is also keen to add completely new ranges to their portfolio that support the new ways of working such as fitness and home décor.

As lockdown eases the rules are being relaxed to ensure these products are brought to market quickly in readiness – normal barriers for product listings have been removed.

 So, it’s competition time for all manufacturers to shine a spotlight on their hidden gems for 2021, VOW need you to come forward with your best elevator pitch. 

All you have to do is send a two-page PowerPoint presentation stating:

  • What product VOW should list
  • Why VOW should list it
  • What will the product achieve?
  • How it commercially works for VOW
  • How it will benefit the VOW Resellers

Please click here for further information on the terms and conditions of submissions.

Don’t delay, please send your submissions to before 31st March 2021.