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Advanced automation capabilities

TIBCO has announced several milestones for its TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service), including process automation updates and new accelerators.

New integration accelerators help customers address various challenges, from tracking and tracing shipments, to managing public transportation infrastructure, all easily accessible within the TIBCO Cloud Integration Marketplace. These accelerators alleviate the need to develop custom integration applications from scratch and ultimately connect businesses faster. Additionally, the TIBCO Cloud Integration Marketplace includes the ability to support user participation, monetisation for partners and developers, and become a single place for easy discovery of all integration and processes assets.

A newly enhanced AI-driven experience within TIBCO Cloud Integration will help customers connect their business faster and with greater intelligence. With its new smart data-mapping capabilities, any user can rely on machine learning-powered recommendations for connecting fields between disparate data sources based on historical patterns and continuous learnings. Furthermore, built-in intelligent analytics dashboards powered by TIBCO Spotfire give insights into critical ecosystem metrics, such as API and endpoint usage and API performance, minimising time between critical business moments and valuable digital business insights.