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Aiimi moves HQ to Milton Keynes

Data and information management expert Aiimi has chosen Milton Keynes as the new location for its headquarters. The company which employs over 90 people will be moving into its new 10,000 sq ft office at 100 Avebury Boulevard in early February 2020.

The new facility will be its corporate HQ as well as the location of its Innovation Hub where the company will host hackathons, design sprints with customers and R&D planning sessions.

CEO Steve Salvin, said: “Milton Keynes is an entrepreneurial, innovative and digitally enabled city and we are delighted to make it our new home. We plan to hire a further 100 data scientists over the next three years and being based in Milton Keynes enables us to appeal to talent including soon-to-graduate students from MK:U, the new university in the city with its strong focus on digital technologies.”