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Alaris – makes sense

Last month, Kodak Alaris announced its Information Management (IM) division will operate under the name Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business. Gerry Kelliher, General Manager, EMEA Region, explains how the new division name is not about what the company is leaving behind, but about the future it is moving towards – a future where he says channel partners play a vital role

Gerry Kelliher
Gerry Kelliher

Through conversations with industry leaders, customers and our channel partners, we’ve extensively researched how to transform our business and better communicate our role as a catalyst for growth. Our new name – Alaris – represents that transformation. Renaming the Information Management division is not about re-invention, it’s about re-interpretation.

There are a number of reasons for this move – the key one being that we want to focus on growth and position the business as a growing, agile, digital technology company. The new name will allow us to carve out a fresh, distinct B2B identity within Kodak Alaris and our industry, to appeal to new customers and new partners as we grow the division with a focus on smart, connected capture solutions and a rich legacy in helping businesses manage digital transformation.

A competitive advantage
Importantly, our channel partners indicated that the name change will have little negative impact on existing customers and will offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Kodak Alaris conducted a survey of channel partners in 2017. Some of the responses that support the division name change include: ‘Alaris is seeking to reinvent itself, to be more relevant to companies like us. I like it’, ‘Promotes a modern and innovative image. It is a good change’, and ‘Alaris should do well in the target marketplace’.

We began this journey in 2017, starting with our data chaos business narrative which highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in this digital era. This was followed by the launch of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, a move designed to leverage our decades of image science innovation, award-winning technology solutions and expert delivery through our channel partners, enabling Alaris to resolve clients’ toughest information capture challenges.

We then expanded our information capture ecosystem, delivering on the promise of digital transformation for businesses and governments around the world with the launch of the first Alaris branded scanners – the Alaris S2000 Scanner Series in September last year, simultaneously rebranding Alaris Capture Pro Software and Alaris Info Input Solution.

Innovation, agility and integrated solutions

As we continue to deliver the smart, connected capture solutions our customers demand, Alaris will embody a new era of innovation, agility and integrated solutions. The name is new but our Alaris line of scanners are built with the same unwavering commitment to productivity, reliability and quality that our partners and customers have come to depend on for years.

The product portfolio includes both Kodak and Alaris branded scanners and the parent company remains Kodak Alaris. Kodak-branded products will continue to be available and are an important part of our portfolio. Consistent with our ‘future-proof’ promise, all Alaris-branded software is backward compatible to work with our current scanners.

working together on a new idea
working together on a new idea

Alaris makes sense. Alaris solutions delivered by our global network of partners make sense of business information more accurately and reliably than anyone in the industry. Further, we will put what makes sense for our partners’ business first, by exploring better ways to help them expand their technology portfolio, connect with more prospects and grow profitable revenue through partnership with Alaris.

Alaris partners will benefit from new:

Authorised Reseller channel mark;

Marketing activities to drive awareness and lead generation;

Future end-user cashback promotions on certain products to celebrate the launch of Alaris; and

Refreshed sales enablement tools.

As a company, we remain committed to delivering on our promise to partners and to our shared customers and look forward to our collective journey ahead.