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An iconic British brand

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Jet Tec brand and the company is marking it with a brand relaunch designed to celebrate its British heritage

Jet Tec has been at the forefront of remanufacturing inkjet and toner cartridges for two decades. The company’s all-encompassing range of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges which are developed and produced in the UK in its Lincolnshire-based factory, provide a quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to OEM cartridges.

Jet Tec Brand relaunch
Jet Tec Brand relaunch

Jet Tec product lines include remanufactured HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, Epson, Kyocera, Lexmark and Samsung cartridges. The company’s commitment to innovation and dedication and passion in production, design and development, is reflected in the quality and reliability of its inkjets and toners.

“Our offer is comprehensive and only the best components are incorporated into each and every product, we produce,” Business Development Manager Becky Capes explained.

“Innovation is at the core of our manufacturing operations, we formulate and produce our own ink as well as devise processes and equipment to clean and test all of our products,” she added.

Jet Tec tests each and every ink and toner cartridge before it leaves the factory, a process that ensures the highest quality products. Cartridges also feature ExtraLife smart chips, a development that delivers best value for money, with this technology, Jet Tec products can now print up to 100 per cent more pages than original supplies.

Demand for its products continues to grow, affordability is of course a key factor in this, Jet Tec products can offer up to 70 per cent savings on original equivalents, but even more important is the quality
“We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products that every inkjet comes with a two-year guarantee and toner has a three-year guarantee,” Becky said.

A British re-brand

Jet Tec products now sport a fresh new look. The 20th anniversary coincides with a brand relaunch which Becky says celebrates the fact that Jet Tec is a British brand.

“We are extremely proud that all of our products are made right here in the UK and we want to shout about it,” she explained. “We have totally redesigned the toner packaging across the entire range to celebrate our Britishness.”
At the heart of the new branding is a traditional red Routemaster bus. The London bus is quintessentially British and its iconic design is recognised the world over. It’s been reported that of the 2,876 Routemasters ever built, that just under half are still in existence, and one of them is at the company’s Lincolnshire HQ.

“The new packaging also features a Union Jack and states that the product is ‘Made in England’,” Becky added.
Over and above the company’s intention to promote its British heritage, another key objective behind the rebrand was to support its channel customers to drive repeat sales. “Jet Tec is a credible and strong brand with a solid reputation for quality and value for money, and with this rebrand we are creating an even stronger brand identity, which will further increase brand recognition amongst end-users, and in turn help dealers to generate more repeat business,” she said.

Support for resellers

Jet Tec resellers have access to a whole host of value-added resources and support. “We will continue to deliver high quality UK remanufactured products that come with a 100 per cent two- or three-year guarantee, Becky said, adding: “And we also offer our dealers additional support across a number of areas.”

Jet Tec resellers benefit from excellent margin potential and repeat sales, orders can be placed online, and the company offers free next working day delivery (UK mainland), minimum order applies.

A wide range of free bespoke marketing materials are also available through the company’s ’Click & Print‘ service, these include point of sale packs, posters, leaflets and other promotional materials. Some of the materials such as web banners, e-shots and mailers can be co-branded and ordered through the company’s unique trade area on its website

In addition dealers have access to free technical support, “We have a UK-based helpline for our resellers as well as a toner help support website,” Becky added.

Environmental protection

Jet Tec has achieved ISO14001 certification. All production and packaging is managed in-house and the company has a forward-thinking approach to environmental protection which includes minimising the impact of all its operations from the energy used to power factory machines, to recycling of waste packaging, and freepost envelopes used in its recycling schemes.

Jet Tec’s remanufactured cartridges are produced using original cartridges collected through its recycling schemes. Its sister company, The Recycling Factory, works alongside Jet Tec to manage its recycling schemes providing collection materials, POS, support and real time reports.

The cartridges go through a strict inspection process to verify that they are suitable for remanufacturing, are cleaned with a specially formulated cleaning solution to remove all the residual ink, before they are refilled, print tested and packaged.

“The recycling process ensures that each cartridge is filled to the maximum capacity with high quality ink. In many cases its offer extra ink when compared to the original, which benefits both the consumer and the environment, as the cartridge is not only recycled but contains extra ink, therefore printing for longer,” Becky commented.

Jet Tec
Jet Tec


Jet Tec has introduced a number of new products into its range:

Kodak photo paper

The printer cartridge remanufacturer has expanded its product portfolio with a complementary range of Kodak photo paper.

This new addition takes its range to almost 800 products, and there are with further inkjet and toner products planned for launch in the coming months. The new range of Kodak photo paper complements the company’s inkjet cartridge offering and is available in a range of sizes as well as specialist media products including magnetic photo paper.

JetIntelligence toner cartridges

The new range of Kodak photo paper complements the company's inkjet cartridge
The new range of Kodak photo paper complements the company’s inkjet cartridge

Jet Tec’s range now includes the remanufactured HP JetIntelligence range offering the latest in printing technology. First to launch are the HP CF360A and CF400A ranges with further additions to follow.

Through extensive R&D the Jet Tec remanufactured range ensures no loss of printer performance from the first page to the last. Offering a significant saving against the cost of the OEM, they are certain to be a key addition to any reseller’s range.

3D printing pens Jet Tec has launched a range of new 3D printing pens and has the sole distribution rights in the UK.
The beginner-level 3D Styler pen is adaptable, colourful and easy to use. It uses adjustable temperatures and speeds to enable the user to create anything they wish and can use both of the market leading plastic filament types – ABS & PLA.

The 3D Styler Pen Pack includes two coloured filaments and there are additional packs containing three colours, 3.3 metres each, available in wither red, blue and yellow or green, purple and white.

Jet Tec is also offering the Polyes Q1, the world’s first cool resin light-curing 3D printing pen with patented technology. Marketed as the safest and most environmentally-friendly 3D creative printing pen on the market, this technology enables three-dimensional physical graphics or structures to be drawn.

Cordless and chargeable, this pen uses a light-sensitive liquid resin (as opposed to plastic) that is extruded through a micro motor, at a low safe heat. Consumers can finalise their designs by curing the creation with the LED.
Wireless and portable and with an ergonomic design, it controls ink speed freely, includes a safety switch to prevent LED light contact with eyes and replaceable ink cartridges deliver a low usage cost and better customer experience.

The Polyes Q1 3D Pen Pack includes three refills and accessories include a five colour standard refill pack – red, yellow, blue, green and brown and a five colour premium refill pack featuring glow in the dark, temperature changing and transparent resins.

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