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Antalis customers protect 1,190 acres of tropical forest

With the support of its customers, Antalis has balanced 7,350 tonnes of CO2, protecting 1,190 acres of critically threatened tropical forest, through the World Land Trust. 

Antalis began its support of the World Land Trust in December 2015 after recognising the need to take positive action to help combat the world’s climate crisis. Over the last five years, the company has developed its scheme to make it easier for customers to participate in carbon balancing. 

Katie Farr, Marketing & Communications Manager said: “Working with our customers to develop sustainable practices for our industry is hugely important to us and we’re delighted with the interest and support customers have shown for our carbon offsetting scheme through the World Land Trust. These latest figures, presenting our total achievement since joining the scheme on 1st December 2015, demonstrate the significant positive impact of our joint actions.”

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