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Are all ‘universal’ print drivers really universal?

Nick Taylor, cloud print management specialist at AIT give his thoughts on whether all universal print drivers are equal.

There is a major problem with most pull printing and job routing systems when multiple MFD types are used, even from the same manufacturer, as these may not be compatible with each other. This could result in the user not getting the printout they originally requested, or worse still, no print out at all.

Every printer and MFD manufacturer will create a printer driver for the specific make and model of devices that they sell. While this can result in a user having multiple drivers installed on their PC, it does mean that they will always get the correct output when printing directly to an output device.

This is fine when the user wants to print directly to the device, but what happens when the user wants to print via a secure pull printing system or route the job to another device? Most pull printing systems use an “input print queue” to store the print job on a central print server. When the user walks to the printer or MFD to release the job, the software moves the printer spool file to the print queue of the device that the user is standing next to for it to be printed. Crucially, the job cannot be changed by the print server at this point, so the printer commands for the first “input print queue” are used regardless of the device type where the job is finally released.

There are several solution providers that claim they have a system that is different as they have their own universal driver technology and that the user can be confident that they will get the printout they expect, regardless of make or model of the MFD.

However, as you can see above Universal Drivers only support the very basic finishing options and is not compatible with Apple devices or Linux open-source software operating systems.

The One Q One Driver gives the users one single generic printer driver replacing all existing ones and providing the final print-job conversion on the One Q server– local or in the cloud. Using patented technology, files are converted on the print server delivering a true one-driver solution,which is easily deployed and maintained. Perfect for a fleet that consists of a range of different models or manufacturers.

For any workstations, we offer our unique and patented One Driver technology, whereas you can see above; users can print all document formats correctly including advanced finisher options like booklet, stapling, punching and advanced colour options independent of printer choice. With One printer driver, you will get easy deployment, reduced help desk load and increased productivity and higher user satisfaction

Along with the highly praised structure, our patented one-driver solution and features like web-upload, email to print and scan to workflow it is fair to say that One Q now delivers one of the most comprehensive print management solutions in the market.

To find out more about OneDriver and about cloud print management, how it works and its benefits please take a look at our on-demand webinar or call Nick on 07930 863 855 to arrange a demo.

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