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Asolvi acquires two service management software providers

Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, Asolvi a provider of service management software for small and medium-sized enterprises has purchased two competitive companies

The acquisitions of Purpose Software and Vantage Computing brings the number of deals completed by Asolvi to four in a three-year period. Assolvi purchased Tesseract and WS Software in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The four consecutive acquisitions are in line with the company’s strategy to become the leading provider of field service management systems for SMEs in Europe, together, the companies will have more than 1,000 customers across 35+ countries.

With the acquisition of Purpose Software, one of the UK’s suppliers of service management software for managed print services providers, Assolvi added Purpose Software’s 2Serv and CBS solutions to its broadening product suite.

Michael Burke
Michael Burke

Commenting on the deal, Asolvi CEO Pål M. Rødseth, said: “Purpose Software has the leading position in the document management space in the UK while Asolvi occupies a similar position in the Nordics and Continental Europe. We both offer software that generates enormous efficiency and productivity gains for providers of managed print and document services. Having known Michael Burke, CEO of Purpose Software, for years, we all agreed that the two organisations would be much stronger together. We saw an opportunity to pool our resources and knowledge of this industry, empowering us to create new and improved solutions for MPS providers in the future.”

Burke added: “I am confident that bringing the companies together will benefit our customers going forward. Being part of a larger software group will add strength to the product development that is needed to be a service management solution provider for the future, and I look forward to working closely with the Asolvi team to achieve this.”

Tony Milford
Tony Milford

Vantage Computing was established in 1990. In 2009, Managing Director Tony Milford made the founder an offer to buy him out completely and 2010 saw a leadership restructure when he assumed full control of the business. Milford began planning to develop a modern replacement for Service Accent – Vantage Online a cloud-based and flexible alternative, which took over fve years to bring to market.

Reach even more SMEs
The procurement of Vantage Computing will enable a large number of Asolvi’s customers (typically small to mid-sized companies) to benefit from Vantage Online, which was designed to meet the specific needs of the MPS, managed service and office technology markets and which currently provides streamlined and in-depth insights for 150 organisations. Now underneath the Asolvi umbrella, Vantage Computing’s software solution will reach even more SMEs and be further developed for this purpose.

Vantage Computing serves around 200 dealers in the UK and about 340 overseas. The company has a footprint in about 28 countries and around a quarter of its customers are outside of the UK. At the end of last year Milford told PrintIT Reseller he saw opportunity for further growth coming from overseas.

“It makes sense for us to be a part of the Asolvi family,” Milford explained. “Bringing the teams together means that we are able to develop and build better products on a more solid foundation with Asolvi. We are incredibly excited to be one of the component companies within the market leader in service management solutions for document management, and I look forward to continue the journey as a part of the Asolvi family.”

“The acquisition of Vantage Computing was a natural move for us,” Rødseth added. “Previously a competitor of Purpose Software, Vantage Computing complements our Evatic solution as it will help reach more customers that are smaller in size. We are very excited to work with Tony Milford and his team and are looking forward to drawing on the strength of the Asolvi family to utilise Vantage Computing to its full potential. Tony and I believe that both companies will be stronger together and that we’ll be able to generate efficient and seamless services for a large section of the industry.”

With decades of combined experience developing solutions for a broad array of field service sectors, Asolvi’s products manage thousands of engineers, millions of contracts, and tens of millions of service tasks. Its mission is to continue creating, developing and honing new functionality and solutions for the largely under-served SME market, through collaboration and close relations with its customers. By understanding the issues, needs and preferences of SMEs, the company says it is in a prime position to deliver the robust and intelligent solutions that the increasingly service-oriented economy demands.