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Asolvi bets on Vantage Online to support further expansion

Asolvi prepares Vantage Online for internationalisation and begins to ramp up availability for the European MPS sector

Four acquisitions in a three-year period, including Purpose Software, Vantage Computing, Tesseract and WS Software; formed a key part of Asolvi’s strategy to become the leading provider of field service management systems for SMEs in Europe. With the acquisition of Purpose Software, Assolvi added 2Serv and CBS solutions to its product suite, while the purchase of Vantage brought the cloud-based service management and billing platform Vantage Online, which was designed and developed as a completely re-written replacement for its legacy on-premises solution Service Accent, underneath the Asolvi umbrella.

Fast forward a couple of years and the firm is positioning Vantage Online as its flagship solution, and is further developing it to reach more customers. Asolvi’s Evatic solution is widely used across mainland Europe and typically supports large users. The firm is also continuing to support existing customers utilising 2Serv and CBS as well as the small number of dealers who have yet to migrate from Service Accent to Vantage Online.

Vantage Online was designed to meet the specific needs of the MPS, managed service and office technology markets. Key features include:

*Visibility and transparency:
Call control is highly flexible, with a suite of adaptive bespoke reports and dashboards delivering instant visibility and transparency at the click of a button.

Visibility over where jobs and engineers are at any time on an interactive map allows for better allocation of resources.

*Contract administration:
Whether billing in advance or arrears, for a fixed term or on an open-ended basis, Vantage Online makes billing simpler.

*Maintain tighter control over costs:
Stock control manages all stock carried by field-based engineers, to achieve improved first call fix rates and exceed service levels.

*Meter billing functionality:
The process of obtaining readings becomes fully automated, increasing profitability whilst enhancing customer service levels.

*Reporting and dashboards:
User-definable dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities ensure a comprehensive range of reports that can also run automatically for ease of use.

Fully offline capable App allows field-based staff to complete and update jobs, capture signatures and photos, and provides access to complete service history. Near real-time synchronisation between the back office and service team saves time, ensures accurate recording of critical information and improves service delivery.

Integration is available for most leading accounting applications, almost all Device Collection Agents (DCAs) and for many of the leading supplies and consumables distributors.

Kevin McNally
Kevin McNally

Deeper integration
Asolvi’s large team of developers enable new capabilities to be brought to market much faster. UK Sales Director, Kevin McNally said that plans include adding more distributor links, which will enable clients to push orders directly from Vantage Online (which manages their billing, contract administration, service and helpdesk, stock, consumables and reporting), into the distributor of their choice’s back-office system, and in return receive updates on the progress of those orders, (from picking through to end-user delivery). “This functionality will provide our customers with complete end-to-end visibility over their order processing,” he said. Other developments include enhancing the meter reading and billing functionality through automation, as well as building deeper integrations with other partners.

Recent examples of partnerships that have come to recent fruition include the launch of three new connectors that enable MPS Monitor 2.0 to establish and maintain a seamless machine-to-machine communication with Evatic, 2serv and Vantage Online systems. This integration allows the three ERP systems to get timely and updated information on device status, meter readings, consumable alerts and levels, support and maintenance requests, and much more information, coming directly from MPS Monitor’s DCA.

Also just announced is the news of a strengthened technology partnership with print fleet management and MPS software JetAdvice. The evolving partnership demonstrates the commitment of both companies to the MPS sector while preparing the foundations for further European expansion.

Asolvi and EuroForm, the company behind the JetAdvice brand, have worked together for eight years to integrate their software and support MPS dealers and distributors in a rapidly evolving industry and have a combined customer base that spans 30 countries.

JetAdvice’s software is already integrated with many of Asolvi’s solutions including Winserv, Evatic, CBS and 2Serv. Email and CSV integration are possible right now with Asolvi’s Vantage Online software, and the company has plans for even tighter integration in the future.

Ramp up availability
Asolvi is preparing Vantage Online for internationalisation and beginning to ramp up availability for the European MPS sector. Its plans include opening up the solution to a much wider audience, making it accessible to smaller customers. “We’re looking at creating an entry-level product to enable dealers to onboard sooner,” McNally explained. “Historically, customers would be managing 1,500+ devices, now we are looking to offer the benefits of this cloud-based platform to dealer with MIFs of 200-300.”