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Barracuda acquires Fyde

The acquisition enables Barracuda to expand its CloudGen Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities

Barracuda has acquired ZTNA provider Fyde, a move that sees the cloud-enabled security solutions provider expand the capabilities of its SASE offering and empower its partners to help their customers with digital migrations to the public cloud. The move will enable Barracuda to provide distributed businesses with a new way to modernise remote access, enforce global security and access policies and achieve seamless connectivity without compromising productivity.

Barracuda provides a broad portfolio of cloud-enabled network and application security solutions. In July of this year, the company launched CloudGen WAN, the industry’s first global SD-WAN service built natively on Microsoft Azure. With this acquisition, Barracuda now offers ZTNA solutions that use a modern approach to securing applications and devices by providing identity-aware access control and device-based contextual security policies.

“As a security-focused vendor we have a responsibility to make sure that we are providing the technology and the tools that our partners and our customers need to be successful. In this day and age it’s hugely important to have layers of security, especially as remote working is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This acquisition shows our ongoing commitment to helping MSPs offer, and build on, security-centric services to their customers,” said Jason Howells, VP International Sales at Barracuda MSP.

Addresses security risks
Fyde’s innovative Zero Trust solution enables secure, reliable and fast access to cloud or on-premises applications and workloads from any device and location. The solution addresses the security risks associated with traditional remote access by continuously verifying that only the right person, with the right device and the right permissions, can access company resources. The ZTNA solution is ideal to connect users directly to cloud-native and legacy corporate applications deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Howells said that the first lockdown saw companies focus on simply making sure people could actually work remotely. “Now MSPs need to go back to their customers and ensure that these remote connections are secure and safe. The security threat landscape continues to evolve and Fyde’s Zero Trust solution is very innovative, in that it will continuously monitor and make sure that only the right person, with the right device and the right permissions can access company resources.”

The powerful ZTNA solution works on any infrastructure, any device and with any application on a corporate network, enabling security teams to address many use cases, including: secure single sign-on to SaaS applications; secure access to applications from BYOD devices; simultaneous access to applications located on-premises and on multiple clouds; mobile device security monitoring and protection against malicious websites; simplified privileged access and much more.

Zero trust
“Everyone at Barracuda MSP is eager to see where this acquisition will take us. It’s exciting to have a solution that we can go and offer our managed service provider customers that will help to make each one of their customers, secure. I’m super excited about how advanced this technology is, the zero trust model is a very hot topic at the moment and its adoption is hugely important now, as more people are working from home, an environment which is inherently less secure,” Howells added.

Barracuda people around a table
Barracuda people around a table

The Fyde solution is available immediately as a standalone product for businesses of all sizes that want to buy, own and manage it themselves. It will be available in the coming weeks for managed service providers.

Howells said that the company is currently readying the solution for its channel partners. “We’re making sure that we do the right things with the product before we make it available to our MSP customers. We want it to be multi-tenanted so our customers can log into one centralised platform and manage many of their customers as opposed to just managing a single customer.

“The work we are doing will make it so much easier for a managed service provider to provide their services to more customers, to automate as well as integrate with other tools and processes they have in their business, all of which will empower them to be much more efficient and profitable,” he concluded.