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Best areas to work

A study by the School of Marketing which analysed data including transport costs, fuel costs, average salaries, and internet access, found that Reading was the best place to work in the office, performing best all-round on transport costs and wages. It scored third for the highest salaries, behind London and Oxford, with an average wage of £2,617 a month. The town has seen big companies move in with new offices, with the likes of Huawei, Three UK and Microsoft all operating in the area.

Cardiff came in second, with the area once again offering cheap transport costs and high wages, with the area’s average maximum mean download speed of 660 megabytes per second, seeing it feature in the ten best. Coventry was third, with the city second scoring highest for internet speeds and accessibility with a maximum mean download speed of 849 megabytes per second. It was also one of the cheapest for transport, coming in second behind Dundee with the cost of a one-month bus pass at £50.90 on average.