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Boosting sales using telemarketing

Print management specialist, ABS UK decided to not only merge online marketing into its sales strategy, but also stick with a traditional tactic that works best for them – telemarketing

Marguerite Farrell, ABS
Marguerite Farrell, ABS

Telemarketing employee, Marguerite Farrell who has been at the company for nearly 15 years, makes 90 calls a day and her work still generates more leads than ABS’s digital channels. Since January 2017, she has helped ABS bring on 40 new clients, totalling the sale of 83 new machines.

Farrell recommends doing your research. She said: “The internet provided new ways to thoroughly research potential clients. Company contact details are just a few clicks away on Google and often, so is other vital information: who to call, what their role is, even what their interests are. Google Street View also allows you to walk around the premises (virtually) and learn even more about the company.”

ABS use a CRM system which greatly aides its research efforts. It integrates all the company information as well as links its social media profiles. This allows for indepth research which includes finding out about current company news. Having all the above information helps to create an initial connection with whoever is on the other side of the phone – and eventually, turn them into a lead.

“Telemarketing is not only about getting on the phone,” says Farrell. “Be creative. A lot of new business can come from unusual sources – even walking around the local area can lead to a potential new client.”

Highest ROI
Commenting on its telemarketing ROI, Marketing & CSR Director David Lees, said: “It’s 100 per cent the highest of all the sales and marketing channels we use!”

He added: “However, for that to be the case, you need to make sure you have certain practices in place. Most importantly, you need to find the right person for the job. When it comes to SMEs, it’s a common misconception that you need a whole team working on the phone – when in reality one person with the right personality can send your leads through the roof. Moreover, in a B2B environment, telemarketing works differently to B2C as you are not calling someone directly at their home or in their spare time, but reaching a business in their office, where they are more likely to expect it.”

Lees argues that to find the right person to ft your business, you need to create a working environment that people want to contribute to. “Here at ABS we want our employees to really feel like they are part of the company and its activities from start to finish. This has shown in the amazing staff retention and continuous business growth. Creating a company culture your staff buy into ensures they want to succeed not only on an individual level but on a company-wide level,” he said.

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