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Bringing partners together

TD SYNNEX is launching a new cybersecurity ecosystems initiative designed to bring together partners that have complementary skills in different areas of digital security to form new alliances that will deliver benefits for both their mutual end-user customers and the partners themselves.

This new community will draw on all the security-as-a-service, support and educational capabilities of the TD SYNNEX security practice.

Security Business Unit Director Alison Nixon said: “There is a multiplicity of reseller businesses – solutions integrators, service providers, and specialists in all the different areas of digital security. But few, if any, have all the knowledge and skills they need to offer a complete cybersecurity offering to their end-user customers. In addition to that, cybersecurity skills can only be acquired at a huge premium right now. These are significant challenges for partners and one very good way of addressing that is through partnering.

“The cybersecurity ecosystems community will provide a valuable forum through which partners can explore new possibilities and the different pathways and options that we provide for them to develop their security and data protection business.”