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ABC Managed Business Solutions is targeting £15 million with its three-year plan and has just launched a new service called ABC Connect

The ability to enhance a printer
The ability to enhance a printer

ABC Connect is a new suite of IT services packages designed to enable businesses to enhance their printer, MFD and copier functionality beyond the click and copy function.

“I think it’s pretty unique,” said Marketing Director, Toni Gibiino. “As a managed service provider we believe our role is to deliver solutions that address all of our clients’ technology needs – providing them with a value-add, one-stop service and, choice,” he added.

In an industry that’s faced with decreasing margins in hardware and a lower cost per click pricing model, increasing revenues in software and services is front of mind for all vendors. The MPS offer has to some extent become commoditised, with fleet management, automatic meter readings and toner replenishment de facto regardless of who the provider is.

Gibiino says the managed print services and office print market has been subject to all kinds of hidden extra charges as margins continue to drop. “New clients kept telling us that they couldn’t see the value to be gained from those additional charges, we took that feedback on board and developed ABC Connect.”

Steve Burgess
Steve Burgess

“The way we’ve approached this is to ensure that our offer gives clients the value-add they need and want, but it’s all packaged in a transparent way,” Managing Director Steve Burgess explained. “What we’re not doing is introducing a whole raft of hidden stealth charges. The menu of bolt-on services includes document management, security, workflows and first level support – essentially everything that businesses need to stay productive and effcient. We’ve even built a new website around the offer.”

Available to everyone

The ABC Connect range of managed services has been designed so it can be tailored to the exact requirements of each individual clients’ business. And, says Burgess, it’s available to everyone, even if that business is not an ABC customer, they can benefit from any of the bolt-on service packages.

“It’s definitely not a case of one-size-fits-all,” he said, adding: “There are a number of different packages, not everyone needs everything – so we shape each proposal based on what the customer needs and wants, essentially they can mix and match dependent on the business need and add/remove support as and when their needs change.”

ABC Connect adds value solutions onto the end of conventional MPS contracts and comprises five bolt-on service packs:


ABC Control seamlessly bridges the gap between paper and digital. This service pack enhances the scanning, workflow and security of scanned data, helping organisations achieve seamless workflows and processes from MFPs.

ABC Secure safeguards the document and print environment and includes Standard, Plus and Premium packages.

ABC Productivity is all about making life simpler and more efficient when staff arrive at print devices. It helps organisations achieve a more flexible approach to using the print devices and the data produced by them.

ABC Assist supports a business’ technical printing requirements, maximising the availability and functionality of all devices across the business. From remote monitoring of the print estate through to restoring hard drives on printers, a dedicated technical team are on hand to help.

ABC Eco is designed to help customers make a difference to the environment. Services include energy consumption analysis, toner recycling stations and collections, through to environmental settings on the print devices.

Burgess said that the managed services packages have been expertly developed to bring additional value to customers. “Connect is the missing part of any office print offering that removes all the pain points from a conventional IT department. Today’s offce technology is capable of so much more than just printing, copying or scanning.”

Connecting data, document and print

ABC Connect was designed and developed by ABC’s in-house specialists. With an onsite technical support team, a fleet of engineers and client support desk, the company can control every element of each Connect package.

“The packages are really flexible, there is something there to suit every kind of business but the thing that is really great and different is that we’re giving the client something they can actually use to enhance their fleet’s functionality beyond the click and copy function,” he added.

“If customers want interval workflows to be GDPR-compliant, we’ll do it for them. Similarly, if they’d like apps and workflows built into their devices, we’ll do that too,” Burgess said in conclusion.

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