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CASE STUDY: Explaining the benefits and capabilities of Lenovo design portfolio

Nike and Guess Inc. are two of the most powerful brands in the world, recognized for their dedication to the customer experience. ACME Scenic and Display, a specialty fabricator, is responsible for enhancing these clients’ brands with unique, innovative in-store fitures.


Technology and more specifially powerful computers are essential to the designers and product managers at ACME, who take a client’s vision and turn it into reality in the form of a specifi in-store display. With only so many workable hours in a day and short deadlines, the ability to multi task effectively and use the best software in the industry is priceless. ACME Scenic and Display requires powerful workstations that can generate design renderings quickly and reliably – without crashing and losing valuable data – while also handling day-to-day administrative and side-project work in the background.


For ACME Scenic and Display to stay at the frontline of the custom fiture industry and keep up with the design requirements needed to complete quality submittals, the company saw the need for a software overhaul. Currently, ACME is in the process of upgrading its systems to newer, more powerful software. However, these newer programs necessitated a simultaneous, reliable hardware upgrade to handle the complex software without resulting in time-consuming lags or downtime.


A powerful workstation, the ThinkStation S30 is built to withstand the heavy performance demands of design software like SolidWorks and Autodesk AutoCAD without crashing or lagging, and provides the power and performance to do more.

Currently, ACME Scenic and Display has deploy its newest ThinkStation and installed SolidWorks and Autodesk AutoCAD design software. The company has seen signifiant improvements over their past desktops. “What really impresses me about the S30 is that it not only handles all the heavy duty design software, it allows me to do all my work quickly and multi task seamlessly,” said Tom Weiss, a project manager with ACME Scenic and Display.

The ThinkStation S30 enables ACME Scenic and Display to deploy design software while running secondary programs in the background. And the eight 3.0 USB ports allow for endless amounts of fie sharing, data backup and charging.


Weiss has been working with the new ThinkStation S30 for nearly three months. “It doesn’t take much time with the ThinkStation S30 to see that it is a far more powerful machine than our old desktops,” said Weiss. “We even ran time tests on both machines – the ThinkStation S30 was 10 times faster.”

“Another difference with the ThinkStation S30 is its swift, one to two minute boot time,” said Weiss. “I now have an extra hour of usable work time each week to focus on additional projects, brainstorm new design ideas with coworkers or help contribute creative solutions.”

The ThinkStation S30 has also exponentially increased the speed with which ACME Scenic and Display delivers and edits design renderings to clients. Typically there are multiple revisions or additional requests that must be incorporated and immediately re-delivered to the client for review; due to the immense fie sizes, this was often a timeconsuming process on ACME’s previous desktops.

“Quick is the key word for ACME employees,” said Weiss. “With the ThinkStation S30, design renderings and revisions can now be completed nearly twice as fast, which is not only great for us but our overall customer experience.”

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