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Celebrating 30 years

Software development company iTS, has just celebrated 30 years in business. PrintIT Reseller spoke to Managing Director Nick Dabanovic, about the company’s heritage, channel offer and future plans

iTS Print Copy Scan Partner Managers
iTS Print Copy Scan Partner Managers

Founded in1988, iTS’ core business was initially as a subscription agent for scientific publications. “Our customer base was basically organisations who subscribed to scientific journals, so we would work with libraries as well as colleges, universities or large corporates etc. who had a library housing these journals,” Dabanovic explained. “Over time, journals were stored on CD-ROM and our customers began to approach us to ask about IT-related matters, so we began to get involved in CD-ROM networking,” he added.

The early 1990s saw the business transition further. “The next natural step was to work with the libraries to help them control their installed copiers. Customers were looking for ways in which they could recharge for copies made, this demand led to us gradually evolving our offer from managing subscriptions for scientific journals, to becoming copier and print management solutions specialists,” Dabanovic said.

It was also during that time that the company began to develop its own software solutions. Today, iTS specialises in access management, booking systems, cost recovery, desktop management utilities, e-resource management and track and control solutions.

New product development is integral to the business. The company employs a 23-strong team of developers and all iTS software solutions are developed in-house. “We are currently developing various solutions to support the move to cloud computing and that will include various SaaS versions of iTS’ own software,” Dabanovic said.

Celebrating iTS 30th anniversary
Celebrating iTS 30th anniversary

Consistent growth

iTS has increased headcount by 60 per cent in a decade. “At our 20th anniversary, there were around 40 people in the business, compared to 98 people who attended our 30th anniversary celebrations. We have now just employed our 100th member of staff, marking a significant milestone for the company,” he continued.

Current turnover is just over £11 million and revenue is growing at 20 per cent per annum. Dabanovic said that the business is fairly evenly split with half of revenue coming from its proprietary software and the remaining half from the print copy and scan solutions such as PaperCut and Umango that it resells to the print and IT dealer channel.

Future growth, according to Dabanovic will come from its own and third-party solutions. “Both areas of the business have grown in parallel over the years and we see that trend continuing. We want to ensure we have our own IP in terms of integration that we can offer directly to the channel, in addition to PaperCut and Umango,” he said.

Dabanovic continued: “The value-add of being a software house and not just a distributor, means that we can provide a lot of integration for example between PaperCut and the scanning systems we supply with payment systems, accounting packages, document management systems, etc. We have a dedicated team charged with managing integration between all of the solutions we offer and any other products that our customers want to integrate with.”

Global presence

The independently run company is headquartered in Harrow, Middlesex, but also has a strong global footprint.

iTS services channel partners in the UK and Ireland from its head office in Harrow, and also has a strong presence in Europe with offices in Madrid, Paris, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgrade in Serbia. Dabanovic said that the company will continue its expansion in Europe and is looking to open up more offices throughout the continent. iTS also serves the Nordic region, Poland/Eastern Europe and Turkey and has a presence in North America and India.

Channel support

The company prides itself on understanding customers’ needs and regularly updates its software solutions to deliver features that clients have requested. “Our key focus is to continue to provide the very best level of support to the channel. That means being based locally and retaining the ‘small and friendly atmosphere’ in the company. Whilst we continue to grow, we are committed to being easy to get hold of and to help our customers win deals by responding to them in a matter of minutes,” Dabanovic said.

In conclusion he said: “iTS is a very agile business and we are well positioned to develop and bring new products and solutions on board that IT and print resellers can offer to their customers, ensuring they remain relevant. New product development is definitely on the agenda for next year and we will be making some exciting announcements in quarter two 2019.”