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Cloud Computer launched

Alibaba Cloud has unveiled a series of innovative products at its 12th annual Apsara Conference, highlighting its commitment in helping people adapt to the more digitised world and accelerate customers’ digital transformation during and after the pandemic.

A highlight is Alibaba Cloud’s first cloud computer, a palm-sized personal computer which, despite being just about 60 grams and as light as an egg, offers high-performance computing, thanks to robust back-end cloud resources. By simply connecting the cloud computer with a normal computer screen, a user can access almost unlimited computing resources anytime, anywhere, while paying on a subscription model for the actual cloud consumption.

With robust computing power, the cloud computer can reduce the rendering time of one frame high-resolution animation from 90 minutes using a traditional PC, down to only 10 minutes. In addition, the cloud computer’s system upgrades are conducted online, saving a big chunk of the normally heavy cost of PC machine upgrades and maintenance in traditional office settings.

Through Alibaba Cloud’s self-developed app-streaming protocol, which is designed for synergy between the cloud and the device, users can also purchase and access licensed apps and programs such as Linux and Windows as well as various office applications. All user data will be stored on cloud for datacentre-grade security and protection measures.