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Cloud DCA integration

MPS Monitor has announced native integration of HP SDS Cloud DCA. This feature allows HP devices running FutureSmart firmware (version or later) to connect and interact with the cloud without the need for any on-premises connector or other local components.

MPS Monitor’s Cloud DCA integration provides MPS providers with maximum reliability and service continuity for their customers, as HP devices with supported FutureSmart firmware are permanently connected with the cloud, regardless of the presence of a DCA on the customer’s network. By activating the HP SDS Cloud DCA, dealers can monitor and manage customers’ supported devices remotely and comprehensively, lightening all constraints and operational costs of installing and maintaining DCAs.

HP SDS Cloud DCA can be activated easily in the MPS Monitor Portal for all managed HP FutureSmart Devices having Internet access and running FutureSmart Firmware version or later.