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Cloud print services ready for prime time

Quocirca’s latest report The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape 2020, finds the industry primed for transition to the cloud as customers turn their attention to reducing the cost, environmental impact and administrative burden of managing print infrastructure on-premise.

Primary research conducted among IT decision-makers found that organisations with more than 1,000 employees currently operate an average of three on-premise print servers. On average each of these servers costs costs £1,900 to provision, followed by £1,500 per annum each in operating costs. As a result, businesses are exploring the potential of cloud print services to eliminate costs of on-premise servers while simultaneously improving security and efficiency.

Quocirca Director, Louella Fernandes, said: “Broad adoption of the cloud is creating opportunities for organisations to shift print management away from the traditional on-premise environment to the cloud.

“This is a critical point for OEMs and ISVs, as the transition to cloud print services is an opportunity to establish relationships that have potential to endure and evolve into strategic, value-led partnerships – exactly what the print industry needs to retain future relevance.”

She added: “Most major print manufacturers have a growing cloud services and solutions portfolio designed to tailor to varied customer requirements. Meanwhile, leading ISVs are also expanding their offerings. These are particularly well-suited to the many existing mixed fleet environments.”

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