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Collaboration brings secure communications to enterprises

Armour Comms has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics and Targus to enable enterprises to harness the power of smartphones for extended business use. The combined offering will provide enterprises with a solution to support secure home working, on enterprise-level Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones, utilising the power of Armour Mobile and a Targus DeX USB-C phone dock – as an alternative to laptops. 

Designed with the end-user in mind, employees will be able work remotely with a desktop feel, with Armour Mobile providing fully integrated secure communications for voice, video, messaging, conferencing and associated data files.

The Targus DeX USB-C phone dock allows users to power their phone and connect to an external HDMI display, peripherals such as mice and keyboards, an ethernet cable and an SD card, and work on their Galaxy smartphone as though on a laptop. Armour Mobile provides secure handling of mobile communications ensuring that business information within the app is kept securely, and data privacy regulations such as GDPR are maintained.