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Commercial diversifies

Businesses services company the Commercial Group is launching a new Technology division headed up by Amanda Harrington. PITR asked her how it differs from Commercial’s existing IT services business.

“Commercial Technology’s purpose is to sell hardware and technology, to sell the box. Whereas IT services sell cyber security, disaster recovery and business continuity planning i.e. more intelligent hardware integration, the Technology division will be selling laptops, PCs, printers, day-to-day products that our customers are currently buying from a different source.

“Our technology division will work in collaboration with IT services. When I talk to IT managers about their plans for the next 18 months, whether they will need new PC servers or any other kit and what they’re doing with their old kit, there’s bound to be an opportunity for our IT services division. For example, if the client is opening a new office and needs a helpdesk, I would call our IT services team and set up a meeting.

“Commercial has sold technology products before, what I class as low hanging fruit – the ones and the twos and the bits and the bobs. The difference with us is that we’re here to help the client choose what’s ft for purpose and works best with the software programs running in the background. Once we understand the customer’s IT requirements, we work closely with vendors and partners. If my team doesn’t have all the answers, our partners certainly will.

“We’re launching the Technology division in the summer but have already helped a few clients while setting it up. One customer in broadcasting wanted a document scanning solution for four locations. I spoke to different vendors, we identified the customers needs, we made sure they had seed units to test before purchasing, we sent people out to help install them and six weeks later they purchased the goods. We’re not just there to take the order.

“We will go out and meet clients face to face and will also be selling 10,000 lines through our online portal where customers can also buy stationery, print and web to print.

Unlike online retailers we help customers make the right IT procurement decisions and prevent them wasting time and money on the wrong equipment.”

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