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Concerns over energy use of printers

Research from Epson found that less than onefifth (19%) of printers in commercial settings throughout EMEA are business inkjet, a figure that only rises one percentage point when looking at the UK specifically.

The survey of over 5,500 IT decision-makers, users and influencers showed that interviewees understand the role inkjet printers can play. Over half (54%) say inkjet printers will help them meet their cost reduction goals. And over two-thirds (68%) say they want a better understanding of energy savings that could be made by changing the type of printers in use.

With energy prices rising globally at an astronomical rate, nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents say they want to reduce energy costs. About the same number (62%) say they’re concerned about the energy use of printers given the increases in energy costs.

Richard Wells, Head of Office Print Sales UK&I at Epson, said: “In the context of spiralling energy costs, it’s vital that organisations take advantage of every opportunity open to them to reduce expenditure. Organisations need to move faster in adopting energy-efficient technology. A single printer might not save much money alone, but a whole fleet of business printers could deliver significantly with a shift to inkjet from laser. “And it’s not just cost that can be reduced. Cutting energy use in this way will also dramatically reduce the volume of CO2 emissions produced, helping to address concerns around sustainability.”