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COVID-19: a round up of how vendors are helping in this crisis (Part 2)

Connectivity challenges

Extreme is offering a range of technology and services to ease customers’ connectivity challenges.
These include:

*Healthcare Triage Tent Network
– to facilitate virus testing and prevent healthcare facilities from getting overrun with voice, video, and data demands, Extreme is offering a quick response, cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 mesh network solution. The system operates as a secure, encrypted extension to the existing hospital infrastructure that maintains HIPAA compliance. It can scale to support multiple pop-up clinics, testing facilities, or quarantine sites.

*Remote Networking Solutions – for organisations that need to quickly and securely provision, deliver, and manage connectivity across distributed locations so employees can access the network from anywhere, its portable branch solution provides a curated solution for rapid deployment of branch office networks. It consists of a powerful SD-WAN router with integrated USB for 3G/4G WAN connectivity and ExtremeWireless access points – all managed by ExtremeCloud IQ – so IT can quickly provision networks in any number of deployment option without any pre-staging.

*Virtual Professional Services – for customers needing the support of Extreme’s professional services team to configure and set-up networking environments or optimise existing installations to handle expanded demands.

*Free Virtual Technical Certification Training – for customers and partners looking to stay the course with career development, Extreme is offering free cloud technical certification training through July 20 that can be completed from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

*Payment Deferment Options – customers looking to get the network solutions they need today while preserving working capital can defer payment until July 1 with Extreme Capital Solutions.

Small office security

Cybersecurity company BullGuard, has announced the availability of a free, three-month minimum BullGuard Small Office Security license for small businesses that need assistance managing their cybersecurity in the wake of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent sudden mass migration of millions of employees who are now working from home.

The free, three-month minimum license comes with no financial obligations and small businesses don’t need to submit any form of credit card payment information to obtain a license. The BullGuard Small Office Security platform supports up to 50 Windows, Mac and Android devices and provides robust endpoint cybersecurity protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, making it perfect for remote workforces to work safely on their devices from home.

The cloud-managed endpoint security service is dedicated specifically to the needs of small businesses. Central to the platform is remote management from a cloudbased dashboard that makes it easy to manage all devices at the same time. All teleworker devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones) are easily managed from the dashboard, enabling security updates to be applied simultaneously on all devices, and if a mobile device is lost or stolen it can be remotely locked down to protect sensitive data. An alert system also provides immediate notification about security events to allow instant remedial action, such as isolating a device infected with malware.

Ricoh 3D to build vital ventilators

Vital Ventilator build
Vital Ventilator build

Ricoh 3D has pledged to support the battle against COVID-19 by offering to assist in the production of vital ventilators.

Ricoh 3D contacted Make UK and the government to confirm it is willing and able to support an increase in mass ventilator manufacturing. Ricoh 3D is confident it can help by using additive manufacturing (AM) to produce vital components for ventilators both quickly and cost-effectively.

This comes after a call from Health Secretary Matt Hancock for UK manufacturers to urgently work together to increase the number of the machines available to the NHS. Mr Hancock said the UK currently has 5,000 ventilators but needs many more times that number. He urged UK manufacturers to get involved in any way they could.

3D printing solutions

HP Inc. and its global digital manufacturing community are mobilising 3D printing teams, technology, experience, and production capacity to help deliver critical parts in the effort to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 1,000 3D printed parts have already been delivered to local hospitals. HP’s 3D R&D centres in Barcelona, Spain; Corvallis, Oregon; San Diego, California; and Vancouver, Washington are collaborating with partners around the world in a co-ordinated effort to increase production to meet the most urgent needs. Initial applications being validated and finalised for industrial production include face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, and respirator parts. HP is also coordinating with government, health, and industry agencies in numerous countries to ensure a synchronised and effective approach.

Privacy and security

Communicating and collaborating through video has exploded in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, where working from home and social distancing have become the norm. In response to recent security findings and reports of video conferencing abuse, Lifesize has published ten best practices for maintaining privacy and security while using video conferencing.

Channel support in one place

Exclusive Networks has established a Partner Support Hub, bringing together all of its channel support in one place, aggregating supplier-specific support programmes.