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COVID put the cloud to test

COVID-19 has forced a real-life, real-time digital transformation on the majority of enterprises, and many leaders have seen digital’s long-term value as a result. The latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) found that 69% of organisations have sped up their plans in some way as a result of the pandemic.

91% of decision-makers claimed that the cloud played an important part in their response, with 40% describing its role as critical. The most widely cited advantage is how it has enabled a swift transition from office to home working (54%), with greater organisational agility (44%), the ability for business to continue as usual (42%), and easier scalability (33%) also widely mentioned.

Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum, said: “Our research found that just over a third of respondents had a digital transformation strategy in place before the arrival of COVID-19, which likely gave them the impetus to act quickly during the sudden shift to home working. An additional 38% were in the process of implementing one before the pandemic, while 14% were forced to scale up their plans as lockdowns began to bite.”