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Crystal box: New Plug-and-play device from Avdor CIS

Plug-and-play device

Avdor CIS, a provider of state-of-the-art call and multimedia recording solutions, has announced Crystal Box, a plug-and-play call recording device for SMBs and remote enterprise branches.

Crystal Box is a standalone call recording device that runs on T1/PRI E1s, SIP trunks or extensions, and analogue ports. The device supports MP3 high quality audio encoding for reduced IP bandwidth cloud streaming and includes 1 Tera of storage, which is suitable for up to approximately 100,000 on-premise call recordings. For each call recording, Crystal Box captures and stores the dialled number, caller ID, call time, call date and call duration.

The company says that Crystal Box positions managed service providers to deliver straightforward and affordable call recording services to SMB customers and enterprise customers with remote branches.