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Datto Security Frameworks 101 Webinar: 28th June 3pm register now to attend

Your customers are always looking for ways to be more secure. Understanding the various cybersecurity frameworks not only strengthens your security services, but also drives value for your SMBs and gives you a competitive advantage.

Ryan Weeks, Ciso Datto

Join Datto on Tuesday, 28 June, for the webinar “Security Frameworks 101: What You Need to Know to Stay Secure.” Understanding the similarities and differences between the different frameworks can be a challenge. This webinar will help you gain that understanding so you can provide stronger security services to your customers.

Topics covered in this event will include:

  • What cybersecurity frameworks are best for you and your customers.
  • How to incorporate a cybersecurity framework into your services and leverage these frameworks to grow your business.
  • How frameworks can effectively help you meet compliance requirements and standards.

Register for “Security Frameworks 101” today.