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Delivering Trust & Sustainability to Business By Lee Curtis, Head of Channel, Beyond Encryption

Sustainability within the channel continues to grow in importance. According to McKinsey, companies with a strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposition consistently outperform others at the bottom line. ‘Going green’ is now a competitive edge, steadily becoming a source of unparalleled growth.

However, while sustainability is an issue that needs urgently addressing, organisations are currently dealing with a range of challenges that have arisen out of the pandemic. For example, remote workforces are causing communication barriers in industries that have always relied on strong relationships and trust, and in such a digitally dependent world, security continues to be a significant issue.

Businesses must be able to keep their operations secure and maintain trust between partners and customers, all while addressing their ESG propositions to align with worldwide climate goals. For many, it might feel like a case of prioritising one over the other. In reality, both trust and sustainability can be integrated simultaneously.

Trusting Digital

The tech industry has always relied on trust between partners and customers, with strong relationships historically forged from in-person wining and dining. However, over the past few years, the remote nature of the pandemic has kept partners and customers distanced. While we are now stepping back into normality and face-to-face meetings are returning, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The same can be said for security. Organisations are now communicating through email more than ever. In fact, 319 billion emails were sent globally last year. Business continues to move faster. We find it harder to find the time to pick up the phone and chat, and the old school method of delivering important documents physically has been replaced by the speedy alternative that email provides. But how secure is this communication?

Secure Communications

At this juncture, where stronger business relationships can once again be made in person, but the convenience of remote working still keeps contact somewhat minimised, organisations need to be able to trust the digital identities of their partners and customers just as much as they do in-person.

Businesses must utilise the right tools to protect their digital communications. By leveraging encrypted sensitive document delivery, organisations can have the freedom to exchange information confidently, cost-effectively and with full compliance.

Not only does this create a highly secure environment for employees in both the office and at home, but it creates a frictionless system that streamlines workflows. Important documents can be shared with colleagues or clients without fear, and without compromising privacy.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Digital transformation is playing a huge role in creating a more sustainable future for organisations. When considering the digitisation of outbound communications, shifting paper statements to a digital format could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37,000 metric tons, alongside water consumption by 136 million gallons.

Increasing the efficiency of operations is vital for business growth through digital transformation. Resource and supply chain management, including the reduction and elimination of waste, plays a key role in this.

Reliance on legacy processes is not only environmentally impactful but also affects bottom-line revenue potential. Paper-based operations are a variable cost and therefore a barrier to scalability. With digital alternatives available, paper only negatively impacts an organisation’s competitive edge while also being a financial burden.

Furthermore, green approaches appear to contribute to creating a strong company culture, with 77% of organisationsreporting a positive impact of sustainability initiatives on employee engagement and retention. They also attract new talent, with 53% of the UK workforce revealing that sustainability is an important aspect when choosing where to work.

Trust and Sustainability

The IT channel was built on trust, and the strong relationships embedded within the sector have enabled incredible partnerships and growth between organisations. As we continue to battle the challenges that remote working provides us with, secure and encrypted communication not only enables organisations to maintain that level of trust – and pass those capabilities on to other businesses – but also plays a prominent role in helping those organisations become paperless, adding another string to their ESG bow.