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Exertis: Developing new channels

Seceon and Exertis have partnered to develop new channels for the Seceon Open Threat Management (OTM) platform and the solutions – aiSIEM, aiMSSP and aiXDR – built on the platform.

The solution uses machine learning to develop an understanding of future threats rather than simply relying upon the threats already noticed, and can then immediately quarantine and fix, or notify a human being for attention.

Dominic Ryles, Director of Sales and Commercial – Security, Exertis Enterprise, said: “I’m excited to have Seceon join the Exertis Enterprise – Security solution stack as it gives our channel partners the tools they need to better equip themselves for visibility and actionable insights into the types of malicious threats that are targeting organisations today.

“Seceon’s aiSIEM, aiMSSP, and aiXDR solutions are run on their Open Threat Management Platform, which means channel partners don’t have to have a huge amount of expertise in this field, as they are guided by machine learning-based behavioural analytics and AI-based decision making – to raise and eliminate only the qualified cyber security threats, proactively and confidently.”