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Don’t lay it all on the line with the wrong print supplies

There are plenty of non-genuine print supplies out there, but did you know that selling them could be damaging your long-term profits?

Westcoast and HP are well known for selling genuine print supplies and selling them well. With committed account management teams, flexible finance plans and rapid turnaround, print suppliers get more from every sale and don’t have to wing it. Although the unmatched level of service and professional quality supplies are definite positives, there are also many reasons not to wing it with non-genuine print supplies.

If your supplies aren’t the real deal, then it’s more than likely your customers will think you’re not either. Genuine print supplies are definitely all they’re cracked up to be. Whether it’s ink cartridges, toner cartridges, labelling tape, ribbons or large format supplies, when you’re using genuine supplies you should shout about it. They may not be as cheap in the short term, but they won’t stunt your growth.