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Don’t let Data Security keep you up at night!

We’re all aware of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force on May 25 2018 but ‘Data Security’ isn’t a new term for UTAX Partners!

GDPR has encouraged everyone to start looking seriously at their own data security measures and compliance with the new regulations can be assisted through technology utilisation.

Data security protected

Technology brings enormous benefits to today’s workplace. However, it can also bring risks, and sometimes these risks come from the unlikeliest of sources. Take the printer, for instance. Used every day, printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs) are often taken for granted. We use them to print, scan, copy and store a vast range of documents and information from our PCs and mobile devices and then forget about them. The key word is ‘store’ and the trouble is these devices aren’t quite so quick to forget about us because all these machines effectively have a substantial hard disk which, if unsecured, can pose a major data risk.

Here at UTAX we like to go that extra mile to ensure your customers printed data is safe as standard*.

Anyone who has gone through the hair-pulling frustration of accidentally deleting something from their computer’s hard drive will probably know that with the help of the right expert, that data can be retrieved. The same is true for printers and MFDs. The data they process is stored until it’s overwritten – it doesn’t simply vanish because we have finished using it. In other words, the data can be recovered.

Once we understand that printers store data, the risks become obvious. A data leak could cause huge reputational damage to a company as well as personal damage to individuals. There are also financial threats: for example, contract information, compliance, bank details to name a few and we are seeing a significant growth in enquiries regarding the protection of data, images and print storage.

Print devices don’t have to be the weak link in your customers’ office and UTAX can securely provide the Solutions.

Identification and Authentication is an important process of verifying that a user has permission to access or use a device.

UTAX devices allow users to register a login user name and a login password on the MFPs/Printers in advance. UTAX MFPs/Printers can help an administrator manage authorisation in that he/she can appropriately give a different level of authorisation to each person such as “general user” or “administrator”. Specific MFP/Printer functions can also be restricted on a per user basis.

ID Card Authentication
Authentication with an ID card, such as an employee card, enables Department Management and User Management features. Specific functions can be restricted based on the user information associated with the ID cards.

Communication Channel Protection
Communication channel protection ensures secure protection of the network communication channel. Depending on purposes or encryption schemes, a variety of protocols is available, thereby effectively protecting data against alterations or leakage via the network.

Taking the above into consideration when data is sent to a UTAX device it is encrypted during transmission and can only be printed once an authorised user logs into the system with ID Card or username and password.

The UTAX SecurityPack also provides a three-level security standard that renders the restoration of data almost impossible, so there is no fear of leaving behind a trace, at least not on your hard disk.

When you choose UTAX you’re choosing a company that keeps one step ahead of its customers’ needs. We’ve always been responsive to change and we will continue to remain so. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of efficiency – both for our Business Partners and in the way our company operates.

Contact our Solutions Team at for more information about secure, tailored solutions to keep your customers one step ahead of the regulations.

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You can read more about the UTAX SecurityPack here.

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