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Filedoc: Driving results with new technology

Over the past two years, since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to constantly review their processes in order to survive. For some, this meant small tweaks, while others have had to completely overhaul their business operations. FileDoc, a Yorkshire-based print service provider has successfully deployed new technology – leading to some impressive results 

With so many different business management software providers out there, the team took time to carefully consider the best option for them. 

“We knew we wanted to automate a number of key processes that were responsible for draining hours of staff time, as well as improving contract management, but knowing where to start was a bit of a minefield,” said CEO Godfrey Gabriel.


“After facing significant challenges deploying Microsoft Dynamics, with delays spanning two years and the system still not live, the senior team agreed that we needed to find an alternative partner as we approached a key milestone – our tenth year of trading,” he added. 

During the research period, FileDoc actually uncovered a number of additional pain points that they hadn’t even realised were holding them back. These included the length of time spent on invoicing and overbuying stock. The firm also began to appreciate the lack of data they’d previously been able to access and the difference smarter analytics would make to the business, day-to-day. 

Integrating systems 

The decision was taken to integrate the company’s ERP system with its device management solution early on, “We knew this would give us critical information in terms of profitability. The difference this has made in a short space of time has been impressive and the actual implementation period was seamless,” Gabriel explained. 

Previously, FileDoc was reliant on each department providing regular and comprehensive updates but given the busy nature of the business, this could lead to errors or oversights. Now, the ability to view the big picture and drill down into each department has given the senior team a much better oversight of the business – allowing them to identify trends before they become a problem. 

“As stock data is merged and easy to access, we have already noticed a reduction in over-spend, allowing us to redirect resources into growing the business. Full visibility of all stock and demand levels also helps us make more informed decisions and prevents unnecessary over-spend,” Gabriel said. 

He continued: “We are also able to obtain clear data about all operational machines, as well as identifying potential errors that can be fixed for the customer before they are even aware of an issue. At a time when providing five star customer service is an absolute necessity, I believe this sort of functionality really sets us apart from the crowd.” 

Freeing up time to focus on growth


For the employees, the implementation of ECI’s e-automate and FMAudit has saved a huge amount of time, as they aren’t spending hours on manual tasks, such as invoicing and file management. This has allowed the team to focus more attention on value-add activity and growing its customer portfolio. 

“This includes developing our offering and planning our move into the interactive market. Soon we will be launching a touch screen device for clients to use in presentations and virtual meetings – something that was identified as a real opportunity across the market,” Gabriel said. 

Over the past year, the business has also been able to expand into new sectors such as the nursery, education and care home sectors. “I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to elevate the company even during such challenging times,” he concluded.