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Eager for training

Some 80% of IT professionals surveyed for the 2017 CompTIA research report “IT Career Insights” said they anticipated needing additional education and training to progress on their chosen career path. Practice tests and assessments (63%), labs and simulations (60%) and eLearning courses (55%) were among their preferred training methods.

The value of IT certifications continues to grow, as well. Nearly three-quarters of IT managers surveyed for the same study rated IT certifications as a valuable resource for validating skills and evaluating job candidates.

“A desire for lifelong learning and the acquisition of new skills is in the DNA of IT professionals,” said Todd Thibodeaux, President and Chief Executive Officer. “CompTIA is committed to supporting them by offering them the educational resources, assessments and credentials to help them achieve their career aspirations. We’re also expanding our outreach to new generations of workers by offering them access to learning content and resources to prepare them for careers in high-tech.”