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Eco- and business-friendly coreless paper rolls


Star Micronics has announced the debut of coreless paper rolls that are budget-conscious, eco-friendly, and expected to improve both customer reputation and printer reliability.

The new Star coreless paper rolls will positively impact the environment, as traditional cores are petroleum-based, not biodegradable, and not always properly recycled. Containing 290 feet of paper, Star’s new rolls feature 26% more paper than traditional, 230-foot rolls. The paper-per-roll increase will reduce roll-reload frequency, and the rolls aim to increase printer reliability by eliminating the risk of employees leaving an old core in the printer and having to force the printer cover closed over a new roll.

Star’s new coreless rolls accommodate a range of Star printers but work best with the mC-Print3, which features Print Flat Technology to reduce the paper curl that is often associated with tightly wound coreless rolls.

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