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ECS – Capacity, automation and accreditations

Effective Consumable Solutions are known to be the UK’s largest remanufacturer of toner cartridges and components with one of the biggest ranges of stock including OEM toners and parts.

As we enter 2021, ECS are looking to push on and cement their position as the UK’s number one remanufacturer and further enhance their winning formula.

Print IT Reseller sat down with Effective Consumable Solutions CEO, Felicity Rabbitte to discuss some of their recent developments and changes heading into the New Year.

PITR: Has Coronavirus affected your ability to maintain levels of stock like many others in the industry?
Felicity: The impacts of Coronavirus over the last 12 months have been far reaching, affecting different types of businesses and industries on all levels in unique and challenging ways. One of the major issues within our industry being that less stock is available, but this is largely due to the lack of availability from overseas which a large majority of UK distributors depend heavily upon.

Fortunately for us, we remanufacture our own products right here in the UK and have access to a large and continuous supply of high quality empty cartridges ready to be remanufactured from our Greener Side recycling scheme, meaning stock is never an issue for us.

PITR: Would you agree that ECS are benefitting from the current circumstances?
Felicity: Coronavirus has definitely brought more negatives than positives but ECS will always be in a strong position whenever stock is concerned. As a result of lower stock levels in the UK and EU markets, we’ve seen a major upturn in orders, specifically from new clients on popular product lines.

We’re also taking advantage of the position we find ourselves in, which is why we’ve further increased our capacity for production once again by ordering new filling machines for our main production plant. This will enable us to maintain our ability to produce and hold the largest range of OEM and remanufactured stock in the UK.

PITR: Are there any other changes you’ve made that your clients are benefitting from?
Felicity: Over the last year our internal systems have become more automated than ever before with the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With this, we’ve increased our processing speeds, minimised errors and strengthened our relationships with many of our clients. Our clients can now place an order essentially at the click of a button without most of the hassle in-between, completely simplifying the ordering process – something that has been welcomed by a large amount of our clients who are currently working with reduced numbers of staff due to covid.

PITR: When we’ve spoken previously, you’ve often mentioned your talented workforce as a key factor behind your continued success, has this continued throughout the pandemic?
Felicity: Our staff have been excellent during these testing times and we’re incredibly proud of everyone’s commitment and work ethic. As a result, we’re also excited to announce that we’ve made to commitment to become a living wage employer from this point onwards.