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ECS issues stock and service announcement

The remanufacturer and collector of the year’s announcement comes amid growing fear and uncertainty over coronavirus.

Effective Consumable Solutions have announced that they are still very much open for business despite the devastating impact that coronavirus has had on the industry since its’ initial outbreak at the end of December 2019.

The remanufacturer of the year has stated that their doors are still open for business Monday to Friday during normal hours, and are able to provide their full range of remanufactured products including toners, chips, drum units, fuser units, developers and waste toner bottles alongside a full range of OEM stock.

The company explained that their ability to produce their own remanufactured products in the UK has enabled them to avoid many of the issues that have been created by supply disruptions as a consequence of coronavirus.

Director Chris Fink added “We find ourselves in a fortunate position thanks to our heavy investment over the years into our state-of-the-art facilities which have enabled the continued production of our high quality remanufactured products without having to rely on sourcing products from overseas, which is proving more and more difficult as the virus progresses.”

Much of China still remains in lockdown despite the virus spread slowing down, and only yesterday EU leaders announced plans to close all borders preventing all unnecessary travel in or out of the EU. As a result, ECS remains one of the few remaining remanufacturers able to provide full access on demand to all product lines, particularly to UK customers.

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