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ECS on the value of recycling and new ETIRA labels

ECS explained that, for the third consecutive year, WEEE recycling targets have been missed, and with this shortcoming, not only has the UK fallen short in its’ pledge over a greener future by missing these very achievable targets, but collection rates have even decreased by a rate of 9% on the previous year.

On who is truly responsible, The UK remanufacturer, who also provide one of the largest, most successful toner cartridge recycling services in the UK said “While it’s easy to point the finger at coronavirus and the subsequent closures of recycling sites across the UK as the main culprit for this dramatic fall in collection rates, more must be done across the country and in particular within our industry to reduce the number of cartridges that are sent to landfill and to combat the effects of our industries very existence.”

ECS’s CEO and Director Felicity Rabbitte added “The value of recycling should not continue to be underestimated, nor should the importance of the impacts that recycling and reuse can bring to our environments and ecosystems. While we often explain that over 85% of the 65 million toner cartridges that are made in the UK alone will never be recycled or reused, it’s for good reason; these figures simply aren’t acceptable, BUT continue to grow worse as the number of toner cartridges produced increases on a yearly basis.”

ECS explained that companies should also see the value of recycling in more ways than one, not just as a target or regulation to be met. These issues can be avoided:

*Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases are released in landfill sites
*Habitat destruction and global warming caused by deforestation and oil rigs harvesting raw materials
*A huge amount of energy is required to produce new products from raw materials

While these benefits can be gained:
*More space available for waste that DOESN’T harm the environment, as the UK could run out of landfill space as soon as 2022
*Preserve natural resources for future generations
*Through reuse and remanufacturing, 8-20 jobs will be created per thousand tonnes of unwanted products with 5-10 jobs for recycling compared with as little as 0.1 jobs per thousand tonnes of products sent to landfill

ECS have also announced that they will be applying the new ETIRA certification mark sticker on all of their remanufactured products to ensure that their partners know that ECS remanufactured toner cartridges meet ETIRA requirements.

These requirements include:
*Etira Membership
*All remanufactured products have a core derived from a virgin or non-virgin cartridge, manufactured by the original manufacturer of corresponding printer/copier
*All empty cores that are not suitable for remanufacturing are fed into a proper and legitimate raw material recycling process in line with EU waste hierarchy rules
*All repairable empty cores are remanufactured in-house
*All cartridges correctly labelled as remanufactured, repaired etc with no OEM affiliation other than product names intended to show compatibility

ECS’s remanufactured products also meet the requirement which demands a correct and proper remanufacturing process, whereby each product is evaluated and inspected for its ability to be remanufactured successfully, with all parts being cleaned and replaced where necessary.