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ECS reaches yet another award finals ceremony!

ECS have been given the fantastic news that they’ve been nominated for yet another awards finals ceremony, this time on behalf of their Recycling branch of the organisation; The Greener Side.

ECS The Greener Side are delighted to announce that they’ve been nominated as a finalist in the Circular Economy Initiative – Plastics category this year in MRW’s National Recycling Awards 2022.

The award itself recognises an exemplar initiative that has made a systematic change to embed the circular economy principles of designing out waste, keeping products and materials in use at their highest value, and regenerating natural systems. Companies nominated have also proven that their business model works and can show buy-in and trade from along its supply chain, being an inspiration for others and showing how a circular economy can work in practice.

Success for The Greener Side will depend upon the extent to which their business model embeds circular economy principles, designs out waste, functions and excels, shows evidence of buy-in from the supply chain and shows fresh thinking in designing out waste.

The Greener Side’s Director of Recycling, Adrian Lovatt, said “we’re really pleased that our efforts and commitment to transforming the industry’s green credentials hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the circular economy always at the forefront of our mind when it comes to providing our fantastic products and services. As always we hope that we can continue to do our industry and our Partners proud with another victory at yet another awards ceremony for ECS.”

The Remanufacturer and Recycler added that ECS Partners can become part of The Greener Side’s 100% compliant recycling scheme at, where your WEEE waste, including toner cartridges, will be taken care of in the most environmentally considerate way. The majority of toner cartridges that TGS receive are remanufactured or separated, shredded and reverted into their original forms so that they can be used in other industries – none are sent to landfill.