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ECS – Saving The Planet One Cartridge at a Time

A recent survey by Global Consultancy Partnership, Kearney, has suggested that industry leaders who embrace circular initiatives and integrate them into their business models will outperform traditional rivals.

Print IT Reseller decided to test this theory by speaking to none other than Effective Consumable Solutions – One of the largest Remanufacturers and Recyclers of toner cartridges in the UK’s Print Industry.

Firstly, we asked ECS’s Operations Director, Adam Lighton, to give us a rundown of their business model and how their solution provides the company with a competitive edge.
A.Lighton: We’re at the forefront of the campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that our industries products and services produce. Not only this, but we encourage our industry to make the switch to remanufactured products if they haven’t already, both for the benefit of the environment and their business in terms of value for money.

Our business model provides us with a platform to positively affect our industries environmental credentials while facilitating change, particularly the change in attitudes towards the benefits of recycling and the use of remanufactured products.

PITR: Can you tell us more about your remanufacturing solution?
A.Lighton: We remanufacture all of our products right here in the UK using our own state-of-the-art equipment in combination with our modern remanufacturing techniques that have been perfected over decades, while still being improved upon, even by today’s standards. Our Partners demand quality, performance, reliability and consistency throughout our entire product range, alongside products which aren’t detrimental to the environment.

To ensure that this is the case for our entire remanufactured range, each of our products and parts pass through a number of stringent quality control measures and are approved by our technical director to ensure that all products comply with mandatory environmental legislation including REACH, COSHH and RoHS, as well as meeting our minimum quality standards which include product performance and meeting print job criteria.

With many economies struggling at the moment, combined with a lack of stock coming into Europe, our solution puts us in a very strong position with quite a few benefits over our competitors. Since we remanufacture our own products, stock never has and never will be an issue for us, while we’re also seeing a significant rise in the demand for remanufactured products in response to struggling European economies as customers search for better value without loss of quality, which remanufactured toners certainly provide.

ECS’s recycling Director Adrian Lovatt also spoke to us about their recycling solution; The Greener Side.
Ultimately, our goal is to prevent as many cartridges as possible from becoming just another landfill item, when in reality the majority of cartridges that actually end up there are perfectly reusable. Unfortunately, as things stand, over 85% of cartridges that are bought on the market end up in a UK landfill leaving only 15% to be reused and remanufactured.

Our goal is to change this, which requires a change in perception from our industry, the majority of whom see recycling as an extra cost, however, as the survey shows, there are definitely benefits to be gained from adopting an environmental, future-proof solution – which recycling provides.

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