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Effective Consumable Solution’s CEO Felicity Rabbitte reveals the motives behind the inception of “The Greener Side”

Effective Consumable Solution’s CEO Felicity Rabbitte reveals the motives behind the inception of The Greener Side; the companies’ award winning recycling branc

What is The Greener Side?

The Greener Side helps our business to function as a remanufacturer. Through The Greener Side we’re able to collect empty cartridges which can then go through a complete remanufacturing process including multiple quality control checks which validate the cleanliness of the cartridge and its ability to function. Any damaged parts are replaced before the cartridge is finally re-filled with high quality toner, all of which is done to ensure our products meet ISO standard. The Greener Side also contributes to our industry’s green credentials by providing a recycling service that ECS partners trust, as they know their used products won’t be sent to a landfill or to be incinerated.

Why was The Greener Side created in the first place?

Plastic pollution is one of the hardest hitting trends that has been brought to light over recent years, but while plastic has always been there, we as inhabitants on earth weren’t always aware of the critical impacts that it has on our ecosystem. Blue Planet II was a huge eye opener for a lot of people around the world, revealing some shocking truths about plastic and some of the adverse effects it can have that are taking place in real-time. By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than there will be fish, and on top of that, more than 50% of the plastic that we create ends up being single-use come the end of the product life cycle. With our landfills and oceans filling up, what better time than now to provide an award-winning recycling scheme that prevents both of these problems, while ensuring our partners are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive?

Are there alternative options for solving the plastic problem?

Other than remanufacturing and reuse, there are alternative ways of reducing plastic use, whether it’s through altering the design of products or inventing innovative packaging. You only have to look as far as some well-known multinational companies to see some of the simple innovations that helped to cut plastic from their operations; McDonalds recently ditched plastic straws for paper straws in response to the outrageous figures released concerning the amount which were being used on a daily basis (enough used in the USA alone to circle the Earth twice per day). Another example is Sky, who plan to remove all plastic from their operations, products and supply chain by 2020 with their Chief Executive explaining that they are responsible for plastic as much as anybody, as well as the fact that having a better planet for future generations is one of their customers core values, and in turn it must be one of theirs too.

Bucking the trend with recycling AND re-use

While a lot of companies, including multinational brands have taken action as a result of recent figures and statistics being revealed, The Greener Side is now approaching twelve years of success, having won multiple awards. We’re one of the original, and biggest recyclers AND remanufacturers of copier and printer cartridges. The Greener Side are quick to recognise their partners’ needs to first; be compliant with The WEEE Directive, but also to satisfy their concerns over the environment and sustainability, which the scheme does perfectly. By providing a complete solution that allows our customers products to begin their life cycle again without fear that they will become just another landfill component, The Greener Side has helped to transform our industry’s green credentials, as well as put ECS at the forefront of the campaign for a zero to landfill circular economy.