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Effective Consumable Solutions encourages British consumers to ‘support their own’ through economic hardship by buying British

The UK’s current economic climate is one that is challenging for the majority of small and medium businesses with many seeing closure as their only option during these difficult and uncertain times, absent of any kind of government intervention or aid. Some businesses have had to adapt; operating with less staff, working fewer hours and offering new products or services entirely. One thing is certain and that is where we should be spending our money and buying our products from… The United Kingdom!

As the largest British remanufacturer of toner cartridges, ECS are at the forefront of the campaign to encourage the British print and consumables industry to use British manufactured and remanufactured toner cartridges in order to take advantage of a number of benefits which cannot be gained when using imported products.

The remanufacturer suggests that employment is an important factor to consider when we ask ourselves why we should be buying British-made goods. Buying British goods enhances the British circular economy, helping to keep people within our country employed, which in turn funds the government and British economy, ensuring money that s paid back to employees is reinvested through their own spending. With more funding for the economy and government, vital services like the NHS and schools will be improved and made more widely available. Local shops and services will also benefit and improve in similar ways.

ECS also suggests that one of the most important benefits for suppliers when buying their products from a British distributor who provides British-made products is the quality that comes with each and every product. It’s known that British remanufacturers are among the best in the world and they will usually comply with recognised standards including ISO9001, which provides a guarantee of quality only given to those companies who demonstrate the highest level of quality – this is something which cannot be guaranteed when buying products from overseas. ECS have achieved ISO9001 certification as they consistently demonstrate the ability to provide products and services which exceed their customers’ demands. They’ve also won the remanufacturer of the year award for two year’s running, beating competition from around the world.

ECS’s CEO Felicity Rabbitte also added “The environmental impact of buying within the UK is another vital factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Products made and bought within Britain obviously have less miles to travel and have much shorter lead times, having a reduced environmental impact. Packaging can also be reduced in order for the products to be transported safely – we we only use 100% recyclable cardboard in our packaging for the majority of products.”

ECS encourages our industry to support each other through these difficult times and consider the importance of supporting your own economy.

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