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Effective Consumable Solutions go “Above and Beyond” by becoming a Real Living Wage Employer

The UK remanufacturer has taken yet another positive step, this time regarding their employees. Effective Consumable Solutions are now proud to be a Real Living Wage Employer, ensuring that each of their members of staff receive a minimum of £9.50 an hour. The company are ‘bucking the trend’ and becoming part of a small group of companies in the UK who ensure that they pay this figure to their staff, which is above the Governments minimum wage.

CEO Felicity Rabbitte explained “Becoming a Real Living Wage employer has been something that has been on our minds for some time, but the effort and commitment of our employees through these difficult times encouraged us to commit to this fantastic campaign. We’re pleased to be in the position we are, enabling us to achieve this accreditation by providing all members of staff with a wage which helps them meet every day needs, something which minimum wage doesn’t do.”

The remanufacturer explained that becoming a Real Living Wage Employer also shows that they’re going above and beyond to provide their members of staff with a happy, healthy and comfortable work AND home life.

The remanufacturer also referred to statistics which suggest there could be further benefits in store for them as a company for implementing this change.

General Manager, Steven Meggett added “Figures have shown that 93% of companies who’ve taken the plunge and become a Real Living Wage Employer have seen enormous benefits themselves, including an enhanced reputation, increased employee motivation, higher staff retention, as well as a competitive advantage. We’re excited for both our staff and the company to reap these rewards.”

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