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Effective Consumable Solutions on Atom:

Their very own professional industry game changing application

PrintIT Reseller sat down with ECS’s CEO Felicity Rabbitte to discuss Atom and its’ remarkable impact on the consumables aftermarket.

What exactly is ‘Atom’ and what solution does it offer?
For such a long time our Partners and other organisations within the industry were demanding the ability to access their customers waste streams and increase their sales opportunities – essentially to fill the gaps that their MPS services couldn’t cover. After recognising these needs, we quickly realised that we had both the ability and the resources necessary to facilitate the creation of Atom – an independent, purpose-built software which fulfils all of these customer requirements.

Ultimately, Atom offers our Partners the ability to become more profitable by gaining access to hidden sales opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to identify without our software. Not only will our customers reap the financial rewards – they’ll also be fully compliant when it comes to handling waste electrical equipment and have the ability to arm their sales team with incredibly valuable data.

For those interested in the technical features of Atom, they were described as follows:

*Duty of Care Transfer Notes
*Waste Consignment Reports n Easy to Download PDF’s
*Identify Sales Opportunities
*Access to Live Data
*Contact Management
*Automated Collection Alerts
*Automated Archiving
*Customised Dashboard
*Integration With Other Software

How Does Atom Actually Work In Order To Deliver This Information?
Atom works in perfect harmony with our award winning recycling service; The Greener Side (www.greener-side. Once our Partners toner cartridges are returned to us from their customer locations, all of the data including cartridge volumes and specifications will be uploaded to Atom along with any legally required documentation including Waste Transfer Notes. Our Partners who have Atom will then be able to view all of this information via their own secure customer account.

It’s important to remember that there could be potentially hundreds of other devices in a location where a device or machine is on contract. An MPS system will not recognise the existence of these devices, but with Atom you can acquire the knowledge to succeed by gaining access to real-time data into a customer’s waste stream, helping to identify hidden sales opportunities and provide your clients with ALL of the cartridges that they use, therefore increasing turnover and profit.

Further benefits of Atom Include:

*Higher Efficiency
*Reduction In Costs
*Less Risk
*Increased Productivity
*Streamlined Scheduling
*Real Time Data and Analytics
*Prevention of Data Duplication
*Increased Accessibility
*A Huge Competitive Advantage

You also mentioned compliance – how important is this?
Compliance is vital when it comes to dealing with toner cartridges and other items that fall under the categorisation of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Non-compliant companies are considered liable and open to fines and prosecution. With multiple cases being reported where companies were fined over £15,000 compliance isn’t something that companies should take lightly – it’s incredibly important. Users of Atom are fully compliant and all of their customers’ waste streams and transfers can be tracked in one place where you can download reports, complete waste audits and track returned waste transfer notes, consignment notes and proof of data erasure. Atom is truly paperless and simple to use.