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Effective Consumable Solutions reveals enhanced EPRO range

Effective Consumable Solutions (UK) Ltd are one few remaining UK remanufacturers of toner cartridges with one of the largest ranges of toner cartridges across all major manufacturer brands. The company has revealed its’ enhanced EPRO (Environmental Pro) branded range of remanufactured toners, known for their sustainability and circularity.

The UK remanufacturer explained that their environmentally superior EPRO range of products will enable ECS’s new and existing customers to make an informed decision with confidence, and without conscience that the products that they’re using aren’t detrimental to the environment, having been remanufactured with the circular economy in mind.

Director Chris Fink added “When deciding between any products, sustainability is now a critical choice that our industry have to make when determining what makes a product right for them, their business and their customers. Modern markets demand sustainability in terms of a product that hasn’t harmed the environment during its production, as well as one which won’t have any negative affects once it’s disposed of.

In our experience, this has to be achieved without negatively affecting any other customer demands including quality, performance, reliability and consistency. Our EPRO range of remanufactured toners achieves the highest standards in each of these categories, while being the most environmentally friendly option available.”

also added that their entire range of EPRO remanufactured products comply with environmental legislation including REACH COSHH and RoHS, with each individual product being checked for materials or chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the environment.